Preventive - curative


There is no doubt that Egypt and many African countries and some countries in the Middle East possess many unique regions that are suitable to be promising and distinctive therapeutic tourist destinations, in addition to that the presence of some distinguished researchers and doctors in many different specialties, and accordingly the company’s work team did the research To develop a vision of the challenges and opportunities that we can work on to advance this important field and encourage investment in it.


- Establishing a unique program that helps provide treatment and hospital services in specialized places, including resorts, hospitals, and sanatoriums, which are characterized by calmness, nature, and distance from the noise of cities and crowds.

- Organizing booking procedures for senior doctors, consultants, hospitals, medical and treatment centers, and others to be determined by a decision of the Minister of Health, in coordination with the Minister of Tourism.

- Providing all necessary means of support for patients and their companions (consultations - translation - means of transportation - accommodation and others,,,) in coordination and cooperation with the relevant institutions and authorities.