Sustainable Agriculture


We know that we are facing a great challenge to spread the concept of sustainable agriculture and apply it in practice, especially in geographical areas that apply the old traditional methods of agriculture.

Therefore, we are planning to implement a sustainable and balanced strategy that will help us develop the agricultural and animal production sector as one of the most important sectors that greatly affect food security (locally - regionally - internationally).


- Cultivation of (old) reclaimed lands using modern irrigation methods and advanced cultivation methods to raise the productive capacity of an acre, through cooperation and partnership with relevant private and public research institutions and bodies.

- Reclamation and cultivation of barren and desert lands using modern irrigation methods and equipping them with basic environmental facilities that make them suitable for BIO cultivation.

- Breeding all kinds of common animals, poultry and birds, by following modern scientific methods that help in the optimal use of their products (strains - milk - meat), taking into account taking all necessary precautions not to harm or harm or cause pain or suffering to animals, in addition to that coordination with Relevant international research centers and institutions to use methods and means that help reduce the resulting harmful emissions (carbon footprint).