Our Sustainable Policy

- Our sustainable projects take a field and electronic form that is practiced through sustainable development work and socially responsible investment (SRI), which contributes to the creation of conscious human thought according to studies, statistics, specializations and other initiatives of contemporary societal thought aimed at intellectual progress in the areas of development and awareness of societies.

- The company's work is based on an exemplary institutional pattern and an important tributary of awareness and development, building conscious and cultural thought, and ascending values to the highest levels.

- The company believes that investment, values and morals that positively affect the environment and society are essential elements that cannot be divided if we want stability, prosperity and sustainable economic development. Therefore, the company plays a guiding and guiding role in a number of diverse areas related to sustainable investment to serve and achieve the aspirations of society for advancement and progress. (advanced, upscale, stable societies).

- Our company opens up to the world, welcomes and relies not only on competencies, but also on people who have a passion for research and learning to find innovative solutions that serve humanity in many different fields and activate the role of the company through its effective and targeted programs.

- We plan to promote the concept of investing in scientific research related to sustainable development in order to become an advanced advisory and research center in the future, so we work to develop an effective and achievable vision by selecting appropriate, feasible and influential programs and projects according to a well-studied systematic process that takes into account the nature of all societies and different cultures around the world.

-Standing on the most important negative phenomena and behaviors of the environment and society and striving to devise programs and projects that contribute effectively to eliminating them or reducing their dangers in coordination with public and private bodies and concerned authorities, in accordance with the company's financial capacity, especially during its initial stages.

- We help to build a person who is able to participate effectively in economic and social life and achieve the noble goals for the advancement of society.

- Research, learning and the ability to innovate are among the most important tributaries of our company, which make it distinguished from others.