Green Industry


We are facing an investment of a special kind that needs creative, thinking minds that take it upon themselves to revive (industry, skill, art, culture, precious and treasured handicrafts), and our belief in this industry and skills that are considered part of the intangible and invaluable heritage, and our concern for the non-extinction of these arts, crafts and investment In it, developing it, spreading its culture and learning, we developed a vision for sustainable investment programs and activities aimed at achieving diversification and integration between these industries and skills and between the necessary needs of a number of sectors.


- Recycling agricultural waste and selling its products in partnership with the people, small farmers, investors and some relevant international companies to encourage investment and development in the geographical areas most in need of development.

- The company cooperates with the owners of handicrafts (heritage) from the people and specialized centers to buy and market their products and help spread their work, and encourage young men and women who are breadwinners to learn these crafts and skills so that they do not disappear.